In 2017, I started to work as a researcher in the Cryptography Research Group at UCLouvain, Belgium under the supervision of Professor F.-X. Standaert. I received my PhD on January 2022 which was focusing on the evaluation and implementation of side-channel countermeasures. I am now working at NXP Semiconductors, Belgium, where I am mostly focusing on the deployment of post-quantum cryptography into embedded systems.

I am also a co-founder of the SIMPLE-crypto non-profit organization which aims at providing open-source implementation resistant against physical attacks.

Research interest

Post-Quantum Cryptography.

I am currently focusing on the challenges related to the deployment of post-quantum cryptography in embedded systems. This includes low-memory implementations as well as side-channel countermeasures dedicated to post-quantum cryptography. As an example, I contributed to masking CRYSTALS-Kyber and CRYSTALS-Dilithium, and low-memory FrodoKEM. I am also part of the Hawk team.

Side-Channel security evaluations.

I am interested in the evaluation of open-source implementations resistant against side-channel attacks, which is the main focus of my PhD thesis. I contributed to SCALib which is a library dedicated to side-channel analysis with a strong focus on performances and simplicity.

Software Side-channel protected implementations.

I am also interested in protected implementations against side-channel attacks. Among other, I have been working on the software implementations used in the CHES 2020 CTF and co-authored implementation of Saber and Kyber masked at arbitrary order. That code has been released with an open-source license here.